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What is the Soroban?  Mastering Basic Numbers
The Soroban, or Japanese abacus, is shown in the picture above.  It consists of a wooden frame, which holds columns of beads.  For hundreds of years, this tool was used by bankers and merchants as the original calculator.  Today, the Soroban is an effective tool for teaching children about
Place Values and Numbers From 10 to 1,000,000,000
When we write the number 23, it is very important how we write the numbers.  If we write the 2 and 3 backwards, then the number is not 23 anymore, it would be 32.  If the numbers are written up and down, nobody will read it as twenty-three.  The important concept to be taught here is Place Value.
Thinking Skills -
         Rote Memorization
                   vs. Intelligent Repetition
Rote Memorization - According to Merriam
                                     Webster Online, “Rote is
                                     defined as:
                     1.  the use of memory usually with little  
                     2.  mechanical or
Laying the Proper Foundation to Ensure Future Success
When babies are born, they have very poorly developed muscles.  But, within a year most of them learn to stand.  At first they are held up by a parent until their leg muscles get stronger.  Then they learn to pull themselves up using a chair or table.  Once they have mastered that, children let go
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